Prepare to be transported to Iran in south-west Asia by the spice-filled sensory delights that await you at Viyan Restaurant.

Restaurant Owner Zahra Asaadi brings to the table years of experience and knowledge in Persian cuisine through her Iranian background, pouring her passion for the culinary arts into Viyan.

Age-old tradition collides with contemporary experimentation at Viyan, resulting in an exotic menu of classic Persian dishes presented with a fresh new twist. Each dish is crafted using traditional Persian culinary methods and executed in a modern manner.

Viyan Restaurant operates with the key philosophy that it’s all about the food, with cuisine being an integral part of Persian culture. Offering an extensive menu of entrees, salads, specials, seafood and kebabs, Viyan provides a unique dining experience that tantalises tastebuds. 

Replacing Kathmandu Palace, Viyan transforms a charming heritage building into an authentic Persian paradise. Decked with abstract art pieces that portray historical Persian figures in a contemporary way, Viyan spreads the warmth of the culture’s traditional hospitality.

Viyan is more than just an eatery, having the goal of making that extra effort to produce consistently excellent food. Operating as a high quality restaurant by night, Viyan fills a much-needed niche for the provision of Persian food to our customers.

Located along Nile Street just a short stroll from the sandy shores of Glenelg beach, Viyan Restaurant offers a cultural culinary experience like no other.