Renowned chef, Kane Pollard, and artisan distiller, Full Circle Spirits, have staged an imaginative and innovative takeover of the former Maximilian’s restaurant in the Adelaide Hills with new venture, Ondeen.

The iconic 1850s property has been transformed into a food and tourism destination with a tasting experience showcasing luxury spirits and extraordinary food offerings with its surrounding vineyards, gardens and sweeping views.

Ondeen embraces and celebrates the rich offerings of the Adelaide Hills and gives visitors a deeper appreciation of the journey of flavours from farm to table. 

Whether it is produce from local growers, botanicals foraged from nearby gardens or forests to use in spirits, or wild fennel and river mint enlivening a plate, Ondeen respects the provenance and terroir of the surrounding landscape. 

The initial offering of tasting plates designed to complement Full Circle Spirits is housed in a newly renovated part of the homestead.

This is only the beginning of a much longer-term plan to turn this heritage site into an experiential destination that breaks down the barriers between makers and consumers and offers an elegant contemporary flavour experience in a sustainable way. 

Four tastings are currently offered with complementary plates, including a white spirit tasting; liqueur tasting; whisky tasting; and a non-alcoholic tasting.

All are made by Full Circle Spirits, with Rose Kentish as its award-winning head distiller. 

“Visiting Ondeen is an immersive learning experience for guests, who will be given a close-up view of makers, whether they’re in the kitchen or distiller’s apothecary,” Rose says. 

“In tastings and workshops, visitors are guided to use their senses to recognise flavours and aromas, and in some, they will be able to create their own cocktails using spirits such as Full Circle’s Honey Malt Liqueur or Orange and Bay Gin.

Kane Pollard, who is also the chef and owner of Topiary and Tasting Australia’s 2024 Food Curator, is excited about the collaboration with Full Circle Spirits.

Known for his closed-loop style of cooking, passion for sustainability and exquisite food presentation, he has designed each dish to match and elevate these spirits.

“Our collaboration presents the beginning of what will grow into a world-class experiential food and tourism destination, Ondeen, which will act as a lighthouse for local producers and artisans”, says Kane.

“This will be sustainable, personalised tourism that sits in harmony for and within the local landscape and community

“We’re also repurposing the waste from the spent grain used to distil the Full Circle Spirits whisky by drying it down, grounding it into a flour and then using it in our daily fresh baked sourdough – we’re really creating that ‘full circle’ vibe”.

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Ondeen, Deborah Kingsbury, further explains the long-term vision for the property. 

“Our aim is to celebrate craftsmanship of all kinds and create one of South Australia’s most extraordinary visitor and dining experiences, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the journey from farm to table”, says Deborah”.

“Our vision will be a legacy piece that we are sure all South Australians can be proud of”.

Find Ondeen at 15 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Verdun.