What better way to spend a chilly winter’s day than indulging your sweet tooth with hot chocolates, handmade confectionery and cacao-infused savoury food at Bracegirdles House of Fine Chocolate.

Established as Adelaide’s first ever dessert bar in 2005 along Glenelg’s Jetty Road, Bracegirdles have since expanded across five stores statewide and become Australia’s most awarded artisan chocolatier.

To this day, Bracegirdles takes pride in being a locally owned and operated family business with the original “Ma and Pa Bracegirdle” Sue and Garry still at the helm. Sue brought to the table her passion for all things chocolate from her experience in running a lolly shop, whilst former high school teacher Garry harnessed his knowledge in training highly skilled staff and chocolatiers. Combining their retail and training experience, the dynamic duo poured all their time, hard work and soul into their beloved business and witnessed Bracegirdles thrive before their very own eyes.

2007 saw the launch of their second store in Toorak Gardens, and before the long-time couple knew it Bracegirdles cafes had spread across Marion, Cross Roads and even popular wine region McLaren Vale. Earlier this year, a fifth Bracegirdles was opened in Blackwood across the road from where Sue originally owned her first confectionery shop all those years ago.

Each chocolate has been handmade with love and careful craftsmanship by their on-site chocolatiers, who have earnt Bracegirdles countless exhibitor awards at royal shows and competitions across the country. Not many chocolate shops can say that they are the most awarded in all of their field in Australia!

In addition to their extensive selection chocolates range, Bracegirdles also boast delectable drinks, dessert, high tea, breakfast and lunch menus across their five cafes. What many chocoholics may not know is that Bracegirdles even incorporate chocolate into many of their savoury dishes. Mashed potato is is mixed with a dash of white chocolate, sandwiches are stuffed with cacao fried chicken, salads are drizzled with a zesty cacao vinaigrette – the list goes on!

But have no fear – the sweet doesn’t overpower the savoury. In fact, it’s highly likely you wouldn’t even know there were elements of chocolate present in Bracegirdles’ savoury dishes without taking a closer peek at the menu. Cacao nibs add a unique crunchy texture to any dish, chocolate bacon jam is deliciously caramelised and white chocolate makes everything creamier than ever – who would have thought! Bracegirdles have recently recruited talented cook Ryan Philcox as the head chef of their Blackwood cafe, where he continues experimenting with combining sweet and savoury elements and adding a chocolate-infused twist to classic crowd favourite dishes.

Whether you take the kids out for a dessert day these school holidays or gather the girlfriends together for chats over hot chocolates, Bracegirdles welcomes everyone with open arms, a warm drink and plenty of chocolate to soothe the soul.