Feature Image: Local Wine Co

Stretching from Hyde Park to the city’s verdant park lands, King William Road has long been Adelaide’s premier main street for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and of course, dining.

While the precinct is adorned with neighbourhood icons beloved by locals, you will also find restaurants run by some of South Australia’s most renowned names in food – think Adam Liston’s ShoSho, and the delectable Nido under the helm of Laura and Max Sharrad (boasting possibly the finest anchovy toast in town). 

The tree-lined boulevarde promises to take your palate on a tour through some of Europe’s most popular culinary tributaries from Bistro Français, through Italy (Farina 00, Nido and Godi La Vita) and onto Greece. 

Godi La Vita

King William Road’s Asian fare is equally reputable with standout dishes like L.Law’s Sarawak laksa or Hello Neighbour’s crispy omelette with chilli and greens; and the yuzu meringue pie at ShoSho is certainly worth a mention. 

For a fusion feast, be sure to stop at Local Wine Co for tapas accompanied by an incredible range of drops from SA and beyond.

Although their self-serve machines add an educational touch to tasting, this inviting spot is a must for a cocktail between boutiques, too.  

Visit www.kingwilliamroad.com.au to explore their range of restaurants, bars and cafés – and make sure you shop for denim before you dine