With a rich heritage dating back to 1845, Mayura Station is one of the oldest pastoral operations in Australia.

Importing full-blood Wagyu cattle to its farm in 1997, its since been producing multi award-winning cuts, for its consumers world-wide, as well as for its on-site dining experience.

Dining at Mayura’s Tasting Room presents a truly exceptional and unique event, with guests able to indulge in the best selection of its farms full-blood Wagyu beef.

“We provide something that’s really unique and something that’s quite immersive”, says Head Chef & Restaurant Manager, Mark Wright.

Mayura’s 500-day, grain fed cattle has a chocolate and lolly mix incorporated into its diet, of which makes the Wagyu exceptionally succulent.

“It’s about the quality of the marbling, that’s really something unique about full-blood Wagyu – marbling adds to the richness of the steak and impacts its flavour profile”

Open for dinner Thursday through to Saturday, and catering for lunch, corporate and event bookings on request, diners are treated to sumptuous cuts of steak, alongside fresh and seasonal produce.

“The main highlight of each dish is always the beautiful Wagyu that’s produced on the farm, but then we also look at what’s going to complement it well”, says Mark.

“Essentially what we have is a four-course set menu, with three meat courses that really highlight the quality of the individual cuts and also the quality of the Wagyu as a whole”

Guests can choose to enjoy their meal within one of the venues main dining rooms, or participate in a more intimate experience at the Chef’s Table, and be guided through each cut of meat and cooking style whilst it’s being prepared.

“We’ve got the chargrill and hibachi grills with glass panelling so you can see what’s going on with the cooking process – it’s great for customer interaction as we’re right there, plus its good for a bit of banter and a bit of education”

Dietary requirements (including vegetarian and vegan) are well accommodated, and a children’s menu will keep the littlest diners at bay.

Their provincial beverage offering is also a highlight, and is designed to perfectly complement the dining experience.

“With the drinks list, we really have highlighted the limestone coast region as a whole, but we also have South Australian icons on there too”.

Boasting multiple accolades, including ‘Best Steak Restaurant’, as well as two-time winner of the Australian Wagyu Association Awards for its premium meat, a trip to the Tasting Room at Mayura Station is a must on any visit to South Australia.

Ensure your ride, turn up the tunes and enjoy a stunning drive through the Limestone Coast and its beautiful beachside towns, to arrive leisurely at this iconic destination for a culinary experience like no other in Australia.

Find The Tasting Room at Mayura Station at Canunda Frontage Road, Canunda (a scenic four-hour drive from Adelaide’s CBD & just 45 minutes from the town of Mount Gambier)