Coal Cellar + Grill epitomises the South Australian culinary experience, embracing a true paddock to plate philosophy. 

This is achieved through utilising fresh, seasonal and sustainable local produce and hand-picking wines from the region’s top cellar doors. 

An elegant, yet informal restaurant in the heart of the city, it offers a Seriously South Australian® journey where only the best of South Australian produce is plated. 

Using a variety of cooking methods including the feature charcoal grill and rotisserie, the modern grill menu has a balance of seafood, vegetarian and meat dishes including their show-stopping signature 1.2kg Tomahawk steak.

Not only is this restaurant conscious of the environmental impact of the food used, but a quality and value for money experience is also ensured, both of which are front of mind for customers in 2022. 

Brent Assam, Executive Chef at Coal Cellar + Grill notes a shift in returning to simplistic and traditional methods of cooking that are more sustainable. 

“Cooking over charcoal has been very popular with it’s simple, clean and steady method of cooking”, Brent says.

“This style allows the natural taste of the ingredients to shine, with the added bonus of smokiness and depth of flavour”

“At Coal Cellar + Grill we have made it a priority to cook over coal to showcase these characteristics, but also because charcoal also offers a higher energy content and can be reused.”

Another trend we are sure to see more of is comfort food, as highlighted by Coal Cellar + Grill Executive Sous Chef, Josh Gorman.

“It’s been a rough and uncertain couple of years and customers are craving the familiar and nostalgic meals associated with happy memories”, says Josh.

“Our annual Winter Food and Wine Series highlights this comfort food and becomes a platform for this flavour exploration, whilst also showcasing how well this style of food pairs with the full bodied, bold reds from South Australia’s wine regions.”

Coal Cellar + Grill truly is a food and wine enthusiast’s playground. Boasting an impressive 3000 bottle glass-encased wine cellar, majority from South Australia, as well as a contemporary lounge bar, Coal Cellar + Grill provides that perfect atmosphere to experience all that SA has to offer.


Coal Cellar + Grill & The Collins Bar at The Hilton, Adelaide | Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, visit for opening hours. Bookings essential.

233 Victoria Square, Adelaide SA | 08 8237 0697