Monday, August 8, 2022

Luigi Delicatessen

Fantastic new venue Now open!! Light meals and coffees. Kitchen to open soon.

The only constant on our menu is love 

Ciao. I’m Luigi and I want to welcome you to my place.  

I was born in Naples and my happiest memories are of the times my family gathered for dinner, surrounded by Mama’s food and wine. Our family would share the stories of our day, always with laughter. 

Each day back then started with going to the market with Mama to pick the freshest produce for dinner. Until we reached the market, we did not know what would be perfect that day. The only constant on our menu back then was, quite simply, love. 

That’s why, I established Luigi’s. And, just like back at Mama’s tableLuigi’s has no set menu. We simply take the best and freshest ingredients we can find to create platters and dishes designed to bring people closer together, presented to you as they would be to our family, with love and care in every detail.  

I have gathered around me, people who share my belief – that it is an honour to serve beautiful food. Our head chef, Johnny Triscari has joined our team who are committed and passionate not just about their food, but you, our customer.

For me and my team, there’s no greater reward than sending you on your way happier after a great meal and an unforgettable experience. Please join us at Luigi’s soon. Honour us by walking through our doors to come and experience family. 

Enjoy and buon appetito! 

Luigi Di Costanzo 


> Home of the most outstanding platters to give you an unforgettable experience
> Finalist, Best City Breakfast Restaurant, SA Restaurant and Catering Awards 2016, 2017 and 2018
> Function specialists – celebrations perfect for families


Luigi Delicatessen
43 Franklin Street
Adelaide  SA  5000
P. 0412 458 828


Mon – Wed 7am – 5pm
Thurs – Sat 7am – 10pm
Sun 8am – 6pm (winter). Check times for summer


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