Images credit: Hoosegow

In the suburbs of St. Morris, a wonderful feast for the senses awaits – with the aroma of deep, smokey flavours, and an effervescent vibe that draws you to your seat.

Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant & Bar resides on the busy main strip of Magill Road. But upon entering, you’re immediately transported away from the bustle, and into a cultural fusion like no other.

‘Hoosegow’ is the Latin American term for prison, with the concept of being ‘prisoners of food’ at the heart of the restaurants name.

The menu boasts bold flavours that combine the best of Latin American, Eastern and Asian cuisines.

Charred, smokey and spicy offerings like their guajillo lamb backstrap, 8-hour smoked beef brisket, chargrilled guajillo octopus and their signature chilli chicken, are just some of their hero dishes.

Paired with a refreshing cocktail from their extensive drinks list, and you have yourself a well-rounded night of dining.

And, if you have a sweet tooth, ensure you ask for the dessert menu (hot tip: go straight to the tres leches (three milk) cake!).

If you are looking for your next cultural feast, look no further. Arrive hungry, and ready to lick your fingers in greed!

Hoosegow, charcoal restaurant and bar – 419 Magill Rd, St Morris.