Covid 19, Corona virus means a very troublesome time ahead for all of us. Ok – many other words come to mind. It has a death rate of somewhere up to 4% of people but what is the likely toll of small businesses left in its wake? We have some tips for you to try and place your business in the best possible situation throughout possible lockdowns as happening overseas already. 

Our government is trying all kinds of directives to slow the spread of this virus so that our health care system can cope with the more serious cases and keep our death toll as low as possible. It is absolutely possible that they will impose further public bans to do this, so hospitality businesses need to plan ahead to try and minimise the damage. Small hospo businesses in particular, be prepared to change your business models temporarily if you want to trade for as long as possible or throughout the whole time. If you haven’t already, now is the time to take action to protect both your staff and your customers.

There is a lot of confusing instructions out there, and we have been researching multiple sources, so we thought we would put together a list of recommendations for you all in the one place. We know you all have high hygiene standards already and the following recommendations are just that. Ideas of ways that will help protect you staff and customers, and also give your customers confidence that you are doing everything you can.

  • Place a sign on the door welcoming people but asking them to please use hand sanitiser upon arrival – no exceptions. Also ask them not to enter if they are not well or have a runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever.
  • Include a contact phone number and request that if they have symptoms then, please call to place an order that you will deliver to them outside (if you can).
  • Place hand sanitiser just inside your entrance and at high traffic points that people walk past to come from the amenities. Also place them in staff high traffic zones so that floor and kitchen staff use them often.
  • Consider offering home delivery and train your delivery staff in hand hygiene measures and deliver to people’s doorsteps not to people directly.
  • Consider going cashless for all payments if possible. Take payments over the phone if possible.
  • Cease filling keep cups.
  • Offer a takeaway service if you can.
  • Offer an option to deliver to people’s cars or have a pickup point so that you do not have to have direct contact with anyone who may not be well.
  • Clean all tables and chairs – using detergent or antibacterial wipes and allow to dry in between sittings.
  • Ensure all dishes, glasses and cutlery are washed ideally in a hot soapy dishwasher – temperature matters, so crank it up.
  • Give staff who are clearing dishes, gloves to wear to minimise their possible exposure.
  • Consider spacing out your tables more so that people do not feel crowded together.
  • If you can, split your workforce into 2 or more teams, with no crossover – then if a staff member gets sick, your whole team is not out of action and you can continue to trade.
  • Ask all staff to use hand sanitiser, hot soapy water and gloves throughout their shifts as much as possible.
  • At the end of every service, clean, clean, clean all surfaces and leave to dry.
  • Most importantly, implement whatever you can and let your customers know what you are doing so that they feel safe and have confidence in you. TELL THEM.
  • Insist that all affected staff and customers follow the government guidelines on self quarantine measures.
  • Consider offering vouchers so that your loyal customers can buy from you now and collect later as we all recover.
  • Be honest with your customers, if you need help. Let them know. Use your social media channels and support each other.
  • If you are having trouble paying your rent, then ask your landlord early for assistance or delayed payment options.

Know that we are here to help you in any way that we can. Promotions on our social media are free for any in need – just tag us. Taking it day by day, week by week. SA – we can do this!

***Disclaimer – these are suggestions aimed at improving your customers confidence in your venue’s safety and to possibly assist you to keep trading for as long as possible throughout this outbreak. They are not guarantees.**