Trying times have people going to desperate measures. So, STOP hoarding rice and beans and flour. STOP fighting in the supermarket aisles (that’s where you will catch this friggin virus)! Just STOP and use your heads to spend your money wisely. Be kind, be generous and be a decent human being.

Great news is that your local cafes, restaurants, bars, wineries, coffee shops and even hotels have all risen to the occasion. Across Australia hospitality businesses have seen a sharp downturn in trade and they are expecting it to get worse. They have been busy implementing changes to both keep their businesses trading and to keep you safe. So, where are you? Get out of the supermarket line ups and start helping your fellow Australians in need.

Our top 10 tips for supporting your local small hospitality businesses are:

  1. Stop and buy a coffee. In a takeaway cup and use contactless payment. Phone in your order if you feel the need.
  2. While you are there add something to eat.
  3. Grab a meal (or a drink). Plenty of options here as most are offering dine in, dine outside, takeaway or delivery. Contactless options are available.
  4. Run out of delicious baked beans at home??? Buy a ready-made take home meal that you can reheat when you want. Lots of businesses are now offering these.
  5. Better still, stock up your freezer with these options. If you feel the urge to hoard, hoard these! They taste much better.
  6. Arm yourself with a bottle of wine (or 20). Not from the big liquor merchants – from the smaller wineries and independent pubs. Plenty are offering drive through service, yes even wineries are offering this now.
  7. Buy your fresh fruit and veg locally from small suppliers. If you don’t want to go in, call and ask for it to be packed for you or delivered. They will help where they can.
  8. Got elderly rellies who you don’t want out and about? Place an order for some home delivery of fresh foods.
  9. Buy some of the pre-prepared meals for them too.
  10. Buy a voucher. This can be done easily over the phone.


Australian small hospitality and food businesses are in strife. They need your money and support now. Coles and Woolworths have made enough and will always flourish by selling the real staples for a household existence (yes, like toilet paper).


Support small business now and they will be there later for you!


So, STOP. Don’t drive by. Ask your local businesses what they are offering as we guarantee they will have something for you.


One last thing….pay it forward! Please share