With Asian fusion culture taking the world by storm over the past 10 years, new kid on the block, Sun Monkey, is breaking all traditional wine norms with its latest innovation – a sake infused wine collection.

The latest wine brand to hit stores, it’s launched a Shiraz Grenache and a signature white blend, that transforms the way we see wine, and particularly pairs well with Asian cuisine.

Tapping into this ever so popular Asian fusion culture and with a desire to be innovative, Sun Monkeyʼs Winemaker, Iskra Varbanova, says her team are excited by the addition of this industry-first blend to the Australian wine category.

“With so many different wines on the market it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, so we are proud to introduce a world first, sake flavour infused wine to allow emerging wine consumers, or Millennials, an opportunity to enter the market”, says Iskra.

Hailing from globally renowned wine regions in South Australia, the white blend is a fresh and fruity Aussie Chardonnay, Traminer and Riesling blend that challenges expected taste experiences, whilst the Shiraz Grenache brings a touch of bright and fruity flavours, all infused with Sake flavour.

“[There’s] a deep desire for freedom and variety, so we wanted to ensure that we didnʼt hide behind age old jargon, and instead, bring to light a new bold taste profile through Sun Monkey” adds Iskra.

You can find Sun Monkey at Dan Murphyʼs and BWS stores nationally, and when you do, why not try one of the cocktail recipes below!

(18+, drink responsibly #drinkwise)