The Adelaide Dining Publications team is flexible, fast and fixated on food. Our team are independent professionals with extensive experience in the industry and a passion for bringing your style and story together to sing on the page.[/lgc_column]

Martina Bryant is our team captain. Martina mixes her entrepreneurial experience with a love for South Australian produce and the people who transform it into platefuls of fabulousness. She pays great attention to detail, ensuring you receive a positive experience and exceptional results. Martina is famous for her ‘can do’ attitude and love of a good laugh.

Lee Welch is our wordsmith. Lee is known for bringing her PR hat along to interviews to make sure all her words are working hard to tell your story the way you want it to be told, and she is famous for officially adopting the word ‘prandicle’ to ensure the world never loses a handy word to describe a small meal.

Mark Harley is our designer. Mark is extensively experienced in strategic brand management and knows how to convey your brand philosophy through the clever use of layout and look on the page or on the screen. In our world, Mark is seriously famous for keeping us focused and making Lee stick to her word limits.

EnvyUs Design are the digital team. They have proudly designed and built the Adelaide Dining website. EnvyUs have over 25 years experience and a bunch of industry awards in recognition of their achievements on behalf of their clients. The EnvyUs crew are especially famous for happily translating IT-ese into English to help ordinary people figure out the best digital solutions for their business.

Belinda Bracale aka Neon Moose is one of our resident feature article contributors. Neon Moose loves her food and is a whiz at words, so it was love at first bite – or is that write? – when it came to penning prose for the magazine. If she’s not writing foodie bits, she’s knee deep in social media management, marketing and PR.