A new restaurant & bar, along with outdoor dining, a microbrewery and whisky distillery will form part of Coopers Brewery’s $50 million world-class visitor centre in Regency Park.

Coopers has unveiled plans of an exciting expansion that embodies the past, present and future of Australia’s largest independent family-owned brewery with domestic and international tourists front of mind.

A dedicated tasting room, underground stillage for whisky maturation and an interactive history display will also feature as part of the development, which is due to commence construction mid this year.

The unique curved design of the new two-storey development has been inspired by the iconic Coopers’ label rondel – the curved structures encompass a sloping amphitheatre which will showcase the brewery grounds and maltings.

Coopers Brand Home Aerial View from Regency Road

Coopers Managing Director Dr Tim Cooper said it was opportune to be making this announcement in the 160th year of the sixth-generation family company.

“This is an ambitious project which will showcase Australian beer to the world. We’re very proud of our story over the past 160 years, arising from humble beginnings to prevail as an Australian-owned and operated brewery despite wars, recessions and takeover offers,” Dr Cooper said.

“This new visitor centre is about celebrating our history and our originality, with an emphasis on what makes Coopers different. We look forward to welcoming local, interstate and international visitors to our brewing home to hear about our past, to learn about the art and science of brewing and to taste our beers”

”A new 3200 L microbrewery will be prominently displayed and will allow the Coopers brewing team to develop more craft-style beers to supplement its current portfolio”.

The microbrewery will be used in the regular creation of new ales and lagers for the visitor centre.

Tim Cooper and Louise Cooper Coopers Brewery, Regency Park, South Australia Photo: John Krüger

Sixth generation family members and cousins, Andrew Cooper and Louise Cooper, have been closely involved in the design and planning process of the new centre, which includes designated hospitality and industry areas.

“Coopers beer is enjoyed by drinkers all over the world,” said Andrew who is the brewery’s Export Manager.

“With this new visitor centre we aim to provide another compelling reason for tourists to come to South Australia and enjoy an authentic and immersive beer cellar door experience.”

Louise Cooper, the company’s Strategy Development Manager, said the proposed development was hoped to be completed in time to welcome its first visitors by Christmas next year.

“As well as appealing to beer aficionados, the visitor centre will offer a welcoming atmosphere for the whole family. Both the restaurant and the outdoor plaza will provide the perfect setting to enjoy a meal while taking in the view of the landscaped surrounds,” Louise said.

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