Australian-made dining mobile app and web platform Foodini has officially launched in Adelaide.

Through matching hospitality venues and menus to specific dietary needs, Foodini enables safe, stress-free and enhanced dining experiences for all South Australians.

Australia is the food allergy capital of the world, and since Foodini’s launch in 2021, more than 20,000 Australians have swiped through the 250,000 dietitian- screened dishes listed from more than 10,000 venues across the country.

Restaurants are on-boarded to the platform using accredited practising dieticians (APDs) that review and upload menus.

Users create a customised profile detailing their specific dietary requirements, which are then matched to venues and menu items.

Simone Douglas, publican of The Duke of Brunswick Hotel in Adelaide and hospitality leader in the allergy-aware space, explains that partnering with Foodini has removed the complexities around serving customers with dietary requirements ranging from intolerances to those at risk of anaphylaxis.

“Being allergy aware is good for business but it’s much more complicated than just being nut-aware”, Simone says.

“These complexities make it difficult for venues to train their staff appropriately but also make it risky for them to serve customers safely”

“Foodini helps to reduce this risk by marrying the expertise of accredited practising dieticians with streamlined technology”

Willunga resident Gina Hunt, who must follow a low FODMAP diet and whose family also suffers from a range of dietary ailments including coeliac disease, says the Foodini platform is a game-changer.

“For us, going out to eat is a minefield. We all have different things we can and cannot eat and it’s difficult to work out what is safe and what’s not,” she says.

Timo Kugler, Foodini Co-Founder and COO, has a partner and two children with dietary needs.

Convinced there needed to be a better solution to managing the plethora of difficulties facing diners and venues when it came to dietary issues, he co-founded Foodini with Dylan McDonnell, a coeliac disease sufferer.

“Foodini allows all people, regardless of their needs, to enjoy the experience of dining out with comfort and confidence using reliable, transparent and credible information.”

South Australian’s can download the free Foodini app via Google Play or the App Store.