Monday, August 8, 2022

Messy Tomato

Join us to sample the joys of the table, Italian style. 

What we love about Italian kitchens is the warmth, the laughter and the fabulous food. It’s how we grew up. 

And of course, you just can’t make great Italian food without beautiful, ripe tomatoes. We think messing about with tomatoes in the family kitchen is the perfect expression of our heritage, distilled from generations of delicious dishes and wholehearted hospitality.  

We would like to share that with you. So we’re Messy Tomato, and you’re welcome. 

Forget the formality of even the most informal of cafes, when you are with us, you’re with family. Join us for one of our fabulous breakfast platters, for a laugh over lunch, a fast (seriously good) caffeine hit, or a comforting sweet treat delivered with a smile. 

Let us help you create a moment to remember with great conversation, and food made and served with all the joy of our kitchen. 


> Breakfast platters
> House made pastas and desserts
> Open seven days


Messy Tomato
151 Flinders Street
Adelaide  SA  5000
P. 0403 643 452


Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm
Sat 8am – 1pm
Sun 9am – 1pm