Japan is a country that is synonymous with elegance and quality; so it’s no surprise that new establishment Hibiki Yakiniku is bringing the highest grade Japanese Wagyu steak available on the market to the streets of Adelaide.   

Owner Tong Guo travels to Japan twice a year, purely to eat the incredible culinary delights on offer, and now he’s bringing it to South Australia for us all to try. 

‘Yakiniku’ is a specialised Japanese style of BBQ, cooked fresh and quick tableside, over hot wire grills. And here at Hibiki Yakiniku your produce is as fresh as it gets, with the meat sliced to order. 

 Though Wagyu seems to grace every menu from fast food establishments to steakhouses, we can assure you this meat is reaches a whole new level. There are a number of varieties of wagyu on the market- all of which vary in quality.  

What diners may not know, but the incredible passionate staff at Hibiki Yakiniku will be happy to tell you, is wagyu actually originated in Japan. It’s in the word itself- ‘Wa’ meaning Japanese and ‘Gyu’ meaning beef. From humble beginnings Japanese Wagyu is now renowned for its impeccable quality, unrivalled buttery texture, juiciness and tenderness.  
 The melt-in-your-mouth, A5 grade Japanese Wagyu served at Hibiki Yakiniku is sure to wow even the most sceptical of synics. And who could resist when the fine-flecked marbled beef is served with gold-leaf no less? Just to ensure you remember you’re eating the world’s finest. There’s also the Wagyu Truffle Nigiri served, as the name suggests, with truffle- which is simply decadent. If you’re passionate about Australian grown produce you can also select full-blood (not mixed with Angus) Australian Wagyu. 

It’s not all beef on the menu though- for those who need a little less red meat heavy choices there’s an impeccable selection of sashimi grade fish and Coffin Bay oysters too.  

 While this is owner Tong’s first venture into the world of wagyu, he is no stranger to dining ‘firsts’. He previously brought cheese-topped tea (a craze that took China by storm) to Adelaide, at his other establishment Hitea on Grote Street. Now cheese beverages may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but without a little adventure in flavour how would we progress?  

Back at Hibiki Yakiniku there’s less in the way of culinary experimentation and more tried and true, traditional quality. A wealth of knowledge flows out of the kitchen with Calvin Cheng in charge of sushi and Roy Check as the head Yakiniku Chef. After nine years of training in Hong Kong Calvin moved his culinary knowledge to Ginza in Unley. Now he’s joining Roy, who has several years of training in Japan under his belt. 

The setting is quaint and simple at Hibiki Yakiniku, and so very Japanese in nature. Curtained partitions create subtle privacy and a warm ambience.  

The beauty of yakiniku style dining is that it doesn’t need to be a full to the brim banquet experience. Here you’re just as welcome to swing by for a beer and a quick grilled skewer after work with friends as you are to dine on every dish on the menu.  
 Whether you’re a passionate beef aficionado- or just a little curious, up for a massive meal- or just a little taste, it’s well worth a trip to Hibiki Yakiniku.