Monday, August 8, 2022

Editorial guidelines and expectations


Adelaide Dining Pty Ltd is committed to providing honest and fair representations in our visual and written media released. Although our content is designed to be promotional in nature, we always aim to get our facts correct. Our copywriters work with many venues, owners, managers, marketers and independent bodies to ensure that what they write is correct and factual. Our photographic images always aim to portray venues and their offerings as they are presented to the general public. Nothing is enhanced or altered, so they are a true representation of what can be expected.

Our editorial writers will be rigorous in their search for the facts and present them with accuracy, fairness, and balance. They will provide honest, independent and impartial journalism. Our writers and editors will at all times act ethically, fairly, honestly and objectively. They write with respect, transparency and be sensitive to issues of race, gender, religion, nationality, colour, country of origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, illness and age.

For paid advertorials:

The owner or manager of each venue will be given the opportunity to have input into the design and content of the advertorial. We will require digital copies of your logos but are capable of creating full content including photography, copy writing and design.

The owner or manager will be required to give a written, final print approval prior to anything going to print. This must be provided within the expected timeframe (dates will be provided to you).


All content (excluding photography) produced by Adelaide Dining Pty Ltd remains the property of Adelaide Dining Pty Ltd and must not be reproduced on any digital media platforms or reprinted without consent. We are usually happy to share and consent will most likely be given, but we would always like our content creators to be credited appropriately.

Photographic credit and copyright:

In the event that you wish to use professional photographs that have been taken by another photographer, we will need to view the images first to make sure they meet quality expectations and resolutions requirements. In addition, we will require written authority that you own the images outright or that the photographer consents to our use of their images. You will also need to advise us if the photographer needs to be credited. The Adelaide Dining Magazine print publication credits all photographers at the front of the magazine (on the contents page). All digital images can be credited with the image and/ or on the social media post.

Release of images:

Adelaide Dining Pty Ltd understand the expense and stress that professional photographic shoots can incur. We only use photographers and videographers who are willing to release all processed images for promotional use by the venues themselves and other industry bodies. We do not retain any copyright of the images ourselves and are always happy to release images taken from our photoshoots.