Monday, August 8, 2022

Complaints procedure


In the event of an error occurring which requires correction, we undertake to correct it at the first opportunity. In the case of an error being missed after the final print approval process, and being printed, a correction will be made on all of our digital platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

In the event of a digital error being made, the offending material will be removed and a correction made as soon as possible after we are notified. You can normally expect this to occur within hours.


Adelaide Dining Pty Ltd does not publish reviews on any media platform. Our material is intended to be positive and promotional, yet factual. If, for any reason an exception is made and a complaint is made, we ask that the complaint be made directly via email to and titled appropriately.

Our staff will then address the complaint and work towards a resolution as quickly as possible.

Copyright concerns

Prior to Adelaide Dining Pty Ltd publishing any photography or videography that is not created by our own staff, we always seek approval from and credit the original photographer. The exception to this is if material is provided that is owned by the participating advertiser.

If there is ever a situation where consent has been given and the original photographer still retains the copyright ownership, we encourage the photographer to please contact us on to advise us of this breech. Adelaide Dining will then credit the photographer in what ever media platform is appropriate – this will usually be on social media and on . In the event that it is desired, the offending material will be removed from the appropriate platform. If the print publication is involved, a retraction and credit will be published on our website and social media.