Monday, August 8, 2022

Adelaide's Famous Poffertjes Parlour extend this month's market stay

Image credit: Adelaide’s Famous Poffertjes Parlour

The Adelaide Central Market has put forward an extended tenancy for the much-loved Adelaide’s Famous Poffertjes Parlour.

The catering company has been producing its delicious and popular Dutch treats from events across Adelaide since 1971, with it more recently frequenting the stalls of the Adelaide Central Markets.

The invitation to stay on as a tenant will see the business set up shop for five weeks next month (instead of three), from June 14 to July 16 in the Producers in Residence Stall.

Followers of Adelaide’s Famous Poffertjes Parlour will no doubt be pleased to have their favourite Dutch delicacies so easily accessible for the extended period.

The companies traditional Dutch pancakes, or ‘poffertjes’ have proved popular amongst crowds at the Royal Adelaide Show, Adelaide Fringe Festival and other major events, with long lines often seen at their mobile cart.

Oliebollen (Dutch donuts), waffles and milkshakes often accompany their offering, but the delicate and fluffy ‘baby-like’ poffertjes served with a dusting of cinnamon sugar, butter, cream and lemon are what they have become famous for (thus the name!).

Make sure to stop by their stall at the Adelaide Central Markets, June 14 to July 16, with a further three-week return from September 20 to October 8th.

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